Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Final Post

For my final blog post I wanted to bring it back to memes. Right now everyone is going through extremely stressful and unsettling times. What helps me cope with everything is trying to find some lighthearted humour in it all. Anxiety is running high so finding funny things on twitter, tik tok etc has really helped me calm down a bit. I always overthink everything and have always freaked out about illness even before all of this happened. I thought this meme was really relatable and accurate.

Sofia Borea

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  1. Using humor is something that I think is getting us all through this pandemic right now. While it is very serious I agree that everyone needs to take a second to realize the positives that are coming out of being at home. I understand the anxiety of illness' it is really weird going into stores these days, the world is just super weird right now.



HAPPY GRADUATION to the VERY first class of TBD majors!!! (I wish we could celebrate in person!)